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Richelieu Swiss Watches

The Swiss watchmaking brand Richelieu was born in 1966, the year in which the first watches bearing this name were distributed. This watch-making company was located in Reconvilier, in the Jura Region, at the very heart of the Swiss watch-making industry.

It is this region, the cradle of micro-technology and watchmaking know-how, that provides most of the component parts that make up Richelieu timepieces and which allow the brand to carry the label “Swiss made”

Over the years, François-Joseph Pelletier, founder of the Richelieu brand, has had the good sense to surround himself with a team of more than 60 qualified employees, consisting of master watchmakers and designers, who create new models every year reaching an annual production of around 100,000 watches.
In 2015, Montres Edox & Vista SA, a company located in Les Genevez, purchased the Richelieu brand name belonging to the Pelletier family in order to add and develop a watch segment which had been missing in the Edox & Vista SA range.

To achieve this aim, Edox & Vista SA will subject every watch to a series of very strict and meticulous inspections before it is put on sale, in order to be able to guarantee a quality and finish that is faultless. This is the reason why Richelieu watches are supplied with an international guarantee certificate that is valid for two years in over 50 countries.